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Game Box Group is the Largest Distributor and Operator of Sport Interactive and Strength Testing Game Machines in the Amusement and Entertainment Industry.


The  STREET pitcher® Sport  Game:


Price: $4,850 USD

Availability: IN-STOCK


  • First and only redemption baseball game on the market!
  • Most reliable and attractive baseball machine available!
  • One or two player games, and links up to 8 machines instantly.
  • Aim at different targets by throwing baseballs to reach a high score.
  • Balls eject from ball holder at the beginning of each game play.
  • Two coin selectors to accept any type of coins and tokens.
  • Ready for a bill acceptor and ticket dispenser (options).
  • Mechanical unresetable counter.
  • Durable and solid metal construction.
  • Expanded menu of machine settings and testing: setting of price, difficulty level, bonuses, extra credits, service game, etc.
  • Operator may adjust the game play, standby sounds and music to operator’s own preferences.
  • Huge readable front screens with large displays that consists of high capacity LED's.
  • Five digital displays show the player’s score, the speed of player’s pitch, the highest score, the highest speed pitched, and timer.
  • Simple machine setup using the easy readable digital screen.
  • High-quality audio track with sound effects in MP3 format.
  • Astounding sound system which provides players excellent action sound
  • Secure and separate collection area from the service area.
  • Provides locations with an attractive look and unique lights.
  • 10 wheels for easy moving with stoppers that are used for a locked position.
  • CE certified.



Height: 89” (7' 3"), Width: 36" (3'), Length: 128" (10' 8"); Weight: 770 lbs.


STREET PITCHER® Game package contains:

 Twenty baseballs, power cord, plastic money box, and instruction manual


Game Box Services Include: 

2 YEAR WARRANTY and after-warranty services available.

Technical phone support available seven days a week.

FREE Delivery* of your Street Pitcher® (ask for details).

FREE Priority mail parts delivery.

FREE Custom setup of the Street Pitcher ® game at customer’s request.

FREE Labels on the Street Pitcher ® game at customer’s request.

FREE Lifetime tracking of the Street Pitcher ® game condition.

FREE Lifetime program updates, technical support and advices.


Additional services are available upon customer request.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.




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