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Game Box Group is the Largest Distributor and Operator of Sport Interactive and Strength Testing Game Machines in the Amusement and Entertainment Industry.




- The BOXER® is a coin-operated game machine which measures the punch strength of each player. Players can compete against each other, where the strongest punch will be rewarded by a light and sound presentation as well as they will receive on extra credit. Our BOXER Game Machines are a proven moneymaker to be very profitable in any location where there is constant traffic to earn you profits of $300-$800 weekly!

- The BOXER is the most successful machine in the amusement industry because of its high revenue collections. Operating in numerous locations worldwide, we have found that many people love competing against each other with who has the strongest punch; which makes this machine so addictively successful. This is the perfect season too get these machines up and running in bars, sport pubs, billiard halls, bowling alleys, restaurants and/or any amusement location. 

- The price for our BOXERS is continued to be kept at the lowest price on the North American market. We have very special wholesale prices that no competitor can beat, including having the most advanced BOXER equipped with two games; that measures a player's power & speed. All of our products feature an unbeatable two year warranty.

Price:              $3,690 USD

Availability:      IN-STOCK     


     - Stacker less bill acceptors (NV-10) is an option for $290.00, which includes labor and installation. The machine comes standard with a coin mech.

 Please contact our friendly sales staff to assist you with any further questions!


 Features and Options of the BOXER® Machine: 

  • Two different games:
      • Test player's speed reflex
      • Test player's power
  • Wide variety of colors, several dozens models.
  • Various front graffiti pictures.
  • Optical sensor to measure power and speed reflex.
  • Programmable electronic coin and bill acceptors.
  •  Two electronic counters:
    • -1st counter is resetable at the time of collection.
    • 2nd is unresetable counter.
  • One mechanical unresetable counter.
  •  Available in various language versions.
  • Expanded menu of machine settings and testing: setting of price, difficulty level, bonuses, extra credits, service game, etc.
  • Operator can adjust equipment, sound, music, jokes, etc. to their own preferences.
  • Back wheels for easy moving.


Unique Features of the BOXER® only available with the Game Box Group:

  • Large matrix screen consisting of high capacity 1024 LED’s.
  • Running Digital Display will show Score, Credits etc.
  • Effective animations using the capabilities of the screen.
  • Simple machine setup using easy readable digital screen along with voice commands.
  • High-quality audio track with several hundred funny comments and sound effects in MP3 format.
  • Secure separate money collection area from the service area.


Height: 87"(7.25 ft), Width: 30.5"(2.5 ft), Length: 52"(4.3 ft),
Weight: 308 lbs.

BOXER Machine package contains:

Instruction manual, power cord, hand pump, spare latex tube, plastic money box, fuses etc.  

Game Box Services Include:

2 YEAR WARRANTY and after-warranty services available.
Technical phone support available seven days a week.
FREE delivery of your Boxer*
FREE priority mail parts delivery.
FREE custom setup of Boxer machine at customer’s request.
FREE labels on the Boxer by customer request.
FREE lifetime tracking of your BOXER® machines condition.
FREE lifetime program updates, technical support and recommendations.

Any additional services are available upon customer request.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.


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