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Game Box Group is the Largest Distributor and Operator of Sport Interactive and Strength Testing Game Machines in the Amusement and Entertainment Industry.



THE hammer MAN® power GAME:


- The Hammer Man® is a coin-operated strength testing machine of how hard a player can hit the mounted cylinder using a mallet (rubber hammer). The appearance of the game provides an outstanding design that guarantees it will not be unnoticed!

 - The Hammer Man® game machine is a proven moneymaker to be very profitable in any location where there is constant traffic to earn you profits of $300-$800 weekly! This outstanding game is very addictive for any player!

 - WOW your location(s) with a brand new game that provides fast action and a fearsome look all at the same time!

- We have very special wholesale prices that no competitor can beat, including having the most advanced hammer game equipped with an unbeatable two year warranty.

Price:                        $5,690 USD

Availability:                  IN-STOCK


- Stacker less bill acceptors (NV-10) is an option for $290.00, which includes labor and installation. The machine comes standard with a coin mech.

Please contact our friendly sales staff to assist you with any further questions!


Features and Options of the HAMMER MAN® Machine: 

THE  Hammer MAN®  POWER  game:



  • Fully computerized machine used to test player’s power.

  • Provides players with an attractive look and unique lights.

  • Attractive design guarantees it will not be unnoticed.

  • Man & woman/child selection game modes.

  • Programmable electronic coin and bill acceptors.

  • Programmable for ticket redemption.

  • Two electronic counters:

-1st counter is resettable at the time of collection.

         -2nd counter is unresettable.

  • One mechanical unresettable counter.

  • Expanded menu settings to configure: sound, setting of price, difficulty level, bonuses, extra credits, service game, etc.

  • Huge readable front glass with large display and unique LED lights.

  • Weatherproof design making the machine safe for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Wheels and handles on the back of the machine for easy transportation.

  • CE certified and compliant with EU requirements.



Unique Features of the HAMMER MAN® available only with the Game Box Group:


  • Large display shows score, credits, and records.

  • Simple machine setup using the readable digital screen along with voice commands.

  • High-quality audio track with many funny comments and sound effects in MP3 format.

  • Secure separate money collection area from the service area.




Height: 85" (7.1 ft),  Width: 45" (3.8 ft),  Depth: 55" (4.6 ft),  Weight: 331lbs. (150 kg)


HAMMER MAN® Game package contains:  

Instruction manual, power cord, fuses, hammer and money box.


Game Box Services Include:

 2 YEAR WARRANTY and after-warranty services available.
Technical phone support available seven days a week
FREE Delivery* of your Hammer Man® (ask for details)
FREE Priority mail parts delivery.
FREE Custom setup of the Hammer Man® game at customer’s request.
FREE Labels on the Hammer Man® game at customer’s request.
FREE Lifetime tracking of the Hammer Man® game condition.
FREE Lifetime program updates, technical support and advices.


Additional Services available upon customer request.


We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

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